“Everything and Everyone is Made of Energy. When You Learn to Harness and Direct Energy, You Become Masterful!”

Dear Fellow Truth Seeker,

Why is it that most people from all walks of life, even Black Belts, are TIRED, UNCERTAIN, struggling, lonely, unfulfilled or unsatisfied in the game of life?

“Why is it that most people never reach their true potential?”

Here’s why
The one area that is neglected most in modern training and daily life is also the most important one: your mental energy and personal power. We spend so much time pursuing our physical needs, that we take for granted “the goose that lays the Golden Eggs”, the very thing that makes life easy and gives you...

The Ultimate Advantage!
The Ancient Warrior Sages were the most fierce and powerful Fighters, Mind Masters and Perfected Human Beings (yes, there is such a thing) in all of history. Virtual “Magical Warriors,” they could walk over hot coals, kill an enemy with a flick of the wrist, write compelling poetry that would inspire others Centuries later, make perfect tea for a relaxing ceremony and insight session, or heal a friend with pressure points and breathing rituals. Historically known as…

Warrior Monks • Yamabushi Ninja • Sadhus • Kahuna
These Enlightened Warriors spanned the continents centuries past, and the one thing they all had in common was control of their internal energy.

This is THE DIFFERENCE Between Winning and Losing, between Failure and Success!

Your Vital Force – known as “Ki” in Japanese, “Chi” in Chinese, or “Prana” in India, is THE #1 controlling factor over all of your life.

You’ve probably experienced this for yourself… Have you ever lost or missed out on something that you knew you could have, because your energy was just “off”?

If you had asked when your energy was right, they would have said “yes.”

Or you said the wrong thing you knew you shouldn’t have said. Maybe something inside you knew someone was lying to you, but you went along with them anyway?

Or maybe something inside you told you to go for it, and you didn’t, so you missed out on something amazing?

Or you knew that you “could have”, but you “didn’t”… get in the best shape of  your life, get with her (looking back, you know she would have and it would have been perfect for both of you), find perfect peace in any storm, heal your self, help a loved one or a friend heal, or discover the secret and meaning of life?

“Control Your Self, or You Will Be Controlled By Others”

Hey, we’ve all been there. Have you ever heard the above timeless truth?

Consider this my friend, every single Result in YOUR life… Your Personal Power, Your StrengthYour SkillsYour Knowledge, Your Money, and Your Relationships are mostly affected by your internal energy. This is the very life-force behind what you do, what you have, and who you are. Your Personal Energy Force Controls Everything In Your Life!

What Could Be More Important?

When you discover how to harness and control your internal energy, you can get results that are amazing. Life begins to look like a dream. Things get easier, and you find yourself more powerful and vibrant in your daily life.

That’s why I’ve decided to reveal my most cherished Mystical Energy Secrets I discovered over a lifetime on the road to mastering the Martial and Mind-Training arts! I put it all together for you in a complete home education package called “Warrior Energetics”.

In “Warrior Energetics”, you’ll discover things like…

• Dynamic Power For YouWarrior Energetics shows you how to tap into your “spirit-force” and channel it anywhere for abundant power, strength and energy

• No More Fear! When you absorb the Warrior Energetics course, you discover how to use “The Energy Capture” Magnetic Force and Fulcrum Techniques (you can use this in the ring, at the dojo, on the street, in the office – anywhere – to win)

• Solve Problems, Acheive GoalsYou Get the Universal Life-Force Method for de-coding and solving life’s problems.

• Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Practicality and Real-World APPLICATIONWarrior Energetics isn’t just for fitness, martial arts, and meta-physics enthusiasts. It’s for true Warriors, authentic people (not fakes) and seekers of truth.

It’s for Warriors – men and women of honor and courage who want confidence, vitality, iron-body and mind-power skills.

That’s why Warrior Energetics is for you!

• The Power To Destroy Or HealLet’s face it, sometimes we must destroy a violent attacker.

Other times, we must heal ourselves or help others. With Warrior Energetics, you discover the ancient energetic spirit-mind-methods for both.

• MMA For The Mind From Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and Bruce Lee himself, to the modern-day MMA master-coaches, they all agree that “the battle is won or lost in the mind first”, and that physical skills are almost secondary to mind power.

You need both!

Warrior Energetics “fills in the gaps” in your training arsenal, so you become complete as an actual warrior, and not just a fighter.

• Life On Your Terms! No more being told by others how to live! Warrior Energetics shows you how to congruently align your Mind, Body and Spirit with your Intention for Maximum Results to haave the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and be free of self-imposed limitations and the negative influence of others.

• How To Make Lots More Money while Helping others I’ve also included an optional Warrior Energetics Instructor Certification Program. Whether you’re a Life Coach or teaching Martial Arts, Hypnosis, Yoga, Fitness or other personal improvement art, Warrior Energetics may be a profitable addition for you. Just study the course and return the test to demonstrate you understand the material, and you will earn your certificate, sent to you ready for framing. Due to time constraints, Instructorships are limited to the first 20 people who add the option to their order. I also give you 2 CDs and Handbook full of my teaching and marketing secrets for your and your student’s abundant success!

The Warrior Energetics program retails for 599.00 Hard Copy + Digital and 499.00 for Digital only. DRAGON CHI KUNG, the most powerful form of Chi Kung, will also be included.

And because I love to Reward Action-Takers (they are the only ones who will learn and accomplish anything meaningful in life), I’ve added 500.00 worth of Free Bonuses for you – The Ninjutsu Kuji-In Hand Seals, Ninja Secrets for the Modern Man, Ancient Wisdom – Modern Application, and a few more that are absolute gold but are Confidential so I will not list them here.

Go ahead and order right now before all of the slots are taken. Opportunities like this don’t come along often, so step up now and claim yours!

A quick note and question from Scott’s assistant Kimberly:

Who else wants to know how to tap into their secret power…

“What is Tao Shen Chi Kung?”

Tao Shen” literally means “Way of The Spirit.” Tao Shen is the Ancient Warrior Practice of Mind, Body and Spirit Mastery. Tao Shen is the instant physical manifestation of Spiritual Warrior Power! Developed by Master Scott Bolan, the Warrior Energetics course is the most powerful way to experience Tao Shen and put it into practice in your life today.

Many of the “how-to’s” you’ll find in this private course are so dynamically effective, they almost seem unfair. The secrets Scott shares with you in these DVDs are designed to harmonize and empower the mind, body, and spirit, thus freeing it from hidden restraints.

The mind then becomes aware of itself, without the interference of self-limitations, programming and labels. Essentially, confusion comes to an end and Empowerment begins! With a new-found power like that, what could you accomplish?

Well for one thing, you can change almost anything you want, and get almost anything you want, because control and responsibility are no longer abdicated, knowingly or unknowingly. In other words, you “Take Back Control.” Isn’t it time you took back control, once and for all?

Get the ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH IN PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION with the All New Warrior Energetics Course!

The Ultimate Peak Performance Coach – a pioneer in Martial Arts, Mind Mastery and Personal Development.

Here’s what others are saying about Scott Bolan and his amazing courses..

“I have studied success mastery for many years and have written three best selling books onnatural strength and fitness. I’m really enjoying the information conveyed in Martial Mastery and it is exactly what I was expecting. Please offer my gratitude to Scott.”

– John E. Peterson, Transformetrics

“Thanks for the Martial Mastery dvd’s, they are awesome! I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real “skinny” on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don’t give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way G-d made me. I hate bulls–t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life.”

– Dr. Jeff King, King Clinic

“Now HERE’S a guy who “gets it” … I’ve been following Scott for some time now and I gotta tell you, he’s actually RIDICULED by his peers for his “in your face” style. No kidding! I’ve talked to other martial arts instructors who don’t think he’s their “equal”. And most of them are right… because he BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER with his perspective BEYOND just hand-tohand combat!”

– Jeff Anderson, “The Muscle Nerd”

“I am a Martial Arts Instructor and a Public Servant. Scott’s products give good, solid principles that can be applied to both the Martial Arts World and the Public Relations World. These principles help me in regards to teaching my students and every aspect of life. I highly recommend the Inner Circle Membership to anyone wanting to get ahead.”

– Master Instructor Phillip Poe,
2-Time World Karate Champion

“Every time I read one of your ads I thought “who could be dumb enough fall for that hype?” After seeing these outrageous advertisements a couple of times, I decided to see what all the hype was about. Well, what is on your “Devastating Fighting Secrets” DVD Scared me and Excited me all at the same time! I have watched Scott’s DVD, and read the manual for the 3rd time and I can’t NOT learn some life-saving tactics and TRUE Death-Blow Defense tips each time I go through it. This is a must for anyone who is serious about saving their life in those hairy situations we all get into at some point in our lives. I can honestly say that this isn’t a bunch of fluff or fancy moves to impress your opponent in hopes of scaring them off. NO! This is a no-frills, get in your face, just watch, listen and learn, heap-high content system! I’m totally jazzed that there is something like this available to the common guy. This is usually “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” Kill-Shot maneuvers that you would have to pay dearly for, or be a member of some covert government agency to learn. You have made this available at such an affordable price that even the most budget-conscious person would feel like a moron for not jumping at the chance to get this life-saving package that will be a mainstay in their library for years to come! Thanks also for adding that spark of home spun humor throughout the series as this made it a pleasure to learn what I needed to know to be totally confident in any situation I find myself in especially when my life is at stake. Stay Terrific,”

– Wayne Pickering N.D., Sc.M. 5 Medals Awarded Combat Vet – S. Vietnam, Cambodia, Santo Domingo Crisis. Author, Speaker, Award-Winning Triathlete, Healthy American Fitness Award Double Nominee